Sustainable Make-Up Habits (On The Cheap)

I know we all love ourselves some good make-up and skin care products. We also love buying all them new releases that these brands keep throwing at us. But how often do we end up not using all of the products we buy? I honestly feel like I’ve never seen a friend or family member ever finish a lipstick or eye shadow within the expiry limit of the product. So here are some easy tips as to how to be sustainable in your make up habits.

  • Buy Mini Lipsticks – This discovery was life changing for me because now I stick to buying only minis of all lipsticks. I have very rarely been able to finish using an entire lipstick in the 1-2 years after buying it (after which technically you should discard it). I got gifted the Mac Mini Lipstick and ended up using more than half of it in less than a year which made me realize how beneficial it is to buy minis. Not only can you use the extra money to buy yourself some other product or another mini in a different colour – you are also more likely to finish using the mini in less than 2 years.
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  • Buy Single Eyeshadows – Eyeshadow palates look so so tempting but in a 9 pan palate I often end up not using 3-4 shades which ultimately are a waste. It would make so much more sense to just buy singles of the 4-5 shades I do want to use.
  • Shop ethical, cruelty-free, vegan brands – I’m not sure how easily such products are available across the globe but most Indian brands are cruelty free (eg: Disguise Cosmetics – they are vegan too) – so choose those over a Maybelline or Loreal. Do your research! Eg: Huda Beauty states that it is a cruelty free brand but some of their products are made in China, I’m not sure which ones. Most products that are made in China are not cruelty free and hence not sustainable.
  • Mix & match colours – I am sure most of you already know this – but you can layer lip colours and eye shadows to make a totally different colour. So instead of buying another colour, mix and match the colours you have to get a new colour. I do this every day since I layer a lipstick with a liquid lip colour.
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  • Use what you have before buying more – I know this is pretty basic but we can all do with this reminder.
  • Tie up buying make-up with occasions to ensure you buy them rarely – I love buying make-up but only buy more now when I absolutely need them. Eg: my foundation and concealer have expired but I only use them for special occasions – so I am postponing buying it till I absolutely need them for an occasion.
  • Don’t get tempted by sales – I know, I know – we’ve all been there – the 50% off flashing on our faces and our purse strings loosening. No matter how cheap a product is – always ask yourself – do I absolutely need this? If the answer is yes, ask yourself – do I have some sort of replacement already available? If the answer is no, then you can consider buying the product.
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Hope these tips help you be more sustainable in your make-up ways. Follow us to learn more. 🙂

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    Good post! New make up is tempting but we should look at it realistically. Brands come up with new collections all the time but most of it we already have in our make up collection. It takes litterally years to go through some products, like eyeshadow pallets – I have one pallet and after 2 years it still looks barely touched 🤯

      Same! I bought this pallet during the wedding season a few years back – and it looks almost unused (Other than one pan that I broke when I dropped it). With so many beauty brands sending so many new products our way – it can be so hard to resist – so I just stopped following these brands on IG and delete their emails without opening them. The more unaware I am – the easier it gets to not shop. 🙂
      Thank you for reading!

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