Zero-Waste Products To Help Your Less-Waste Lifestyle

A zero waste lifestyle may not be as easily adoptable for many but adopting some zero-waste products will help you achieve a less waste lifestyle and reduce the amount of waste that you send to landfills. Every year, India produces about 2 billion tonnes of municipal waste. Of this 77% ends up in open landfills across the country. Landfill waste is responsible for over 11% of greenhouse gases produced. For perspective the aviation industry produces 2% of greenhouse gases.

Small changes in our daily lives can help reduce the amount of waste we generate. Here are some zero-waste products to help you move to a more less waste lifestyle:

  • Compost Bin: Composting is the easiest way to ensure that no wet waste from your home reaches the landfills. Turn your kitchen waste into beautiful fodder for your plants. If you don’t have a garden, you can also gift the compost to family and friends. You can opt for a compost bin that serves the purpose of your family or even opt for a community compost pit if your entire locality can be motivated.

Some of the compost bins available in India are Trust Basket Trustbin, Daily Dump Composters, and many more.

  • Water bottle, Travel Mug, Cutlery Kit, Handkerchief : We can avoid a lot of single use plastic by simply carrying some non-disposable items from home. Paper cups, plates, bowls are lined with plastic and aren’t a real sustainable alternate. Carry your own water bottle from home to avoid buying plastic bottles. If you are planning to get coffee, carry your own coffee mug that will also keep your coffee hot and cold for longer. Carry your own cutlery kit to avoid using disposable cutlery. And a handkerchief will ensure you don’t use tissue paper.
buy neem wood cutlery kit - fork and spoon

Opt for our neem cutlery kit that can be used at home and also carried on the go. They are light weight and aesthetic. For bottles, Milton has some great bottles in every size, shape – so you can find one that suits your needs. InstaCuppa is a great coffee travel mug but it is cumbersome to clean because of it’s cap. But it holds a lot of coffee and is insulated so is perfect to carry a lot of coffee to drink slowly through the day.

  • Bio-enzyme, coir scrub, bamboo dustpan, old clothes – Home cleaning can also be completely zero waste. 1. Opt to use a bio-enzyme cleaner – either home made or store bought to avoid using harmful chemicals. Bio-enzyme is an effective floor cleaner, surface cleaner and laundry detergent. 2. Use coconut coir scrub instead of plastic scrubs to clean your utensils. Coconut coir scubs are made using waste leftover from coconuts and are completely compostable. 3. Bamboo dust pans instead of plastic dust pans. They last just as long and are completely compostable. They are made using waste bamboo leftovers. 4. Use old rags/towels to mop your floor instead of buying fresh ones just for that purpose.

Shop our home care products here.

  • Soaps, Soap Saver Scrub, Natural Loofah – For a zero waste bath routine, replace your body wash and shampoo bottles with bathing soaps, shampoo soaps and conditioner soaps. Not only do they come in plastic free, minimal packaging; natural soaps have less chemicals and are better for the earth. Add a soap saver into your bathing routine to ensure that your soap lasts longer and the suds don’t go to waste. The soap saver also doubles as a body scrub to reduce the need for multiple products. You can also opt for a natural loofah instead of the plastic ones. They are more gentle on the skin and planet friendly. When you are done with it, you can simple compost it.

Opt for our sustainable bath set for that perfect zero waste bathing routine.

These are some of our product recommendations to get you started on your less waste journey. Will you join us in trying to live a more less waste lifestyle? For a brighter, better tomorrow for all of us.

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    It’s articles like these that keep me environment conscious and encourages me to do my bit.

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