Sustainability Hacks You Need To Try Now

The title sounds very clickbait-y but these hacks are legit. If you are someone who is trying to lead a more sustainable life, I am sure these hacks will help you on your journey.

The Shampoo/Conditioner Bar Hack

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Shampoo/Conditioner Bars are the least waste-creating options to wash your hair. While I’ve tried many in the past, none seemed to work as well as regular shampoo/conditioner. Plus the logistics of using a bar on long hair was tedious. My friend recommended a hack to me recently and it totally worked. Make pieces of the bar, add them to any old shampoo bottle, add some warm water and mix till it becomes like a regular shampoo/conditioner. This totally worked for me! If you use a pump bottle it will ensure you only get liquid product. This is a great way to reuse old plastic pump bottles as well.

The Spray Cleaner Hack

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All our fruit peels have value and can be used instead of tossing out/directly composting. To a spray bottle add vinegar, water, and your leftover fruit peels to make a fresh scented spray cleaner that you can use to clean the counters and sink in your kitchen.

Au Natural Lip Scrub Hack

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The next time you make avocado toast, instead of tossing the avocado peel use the insides of the peel to exfoliate your lips and nourish them. You can do this while you are waiting for your bread to toast! Additionally, save the money that you would have spent on an unsustainable lip scrub.

Make Vegan Milk at Home

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Run out of vegan milk? Don’t panic and make some at home! Oat milk is one of the tastiest dairy milk alternates. The best part of oat milk is that you can whip it up in a few minutes at home without the need for any fancy equipment. You only need oats, water for the basic milk and dates/sugar/flavouring if you want to add some flavour to your milk. Check out an easy recipe here. If you want something richer and creamier try adding some cashews (soaked in warm water for a few hours) to the recipe.

The Versatile Product – Coconut Oil

Buy coconut oil

I started using coconut oil in my skin and hair care routine last year and it is a game changer. This one product can do it all. How I use my coconut oil –

  • As the obvious pre-wash hair oil
  • As a post wash serum on my wet hair to lock in that moisture
  • As a lip mask for that extra hydration
  • As a lip scrub with a little bit of sugar
  • As a moisturizing body oil on my body during winters when my skin gets extra dry (extra benefit you smell of the beach all day long)
  • As a body scrub with leftover coffee

A bottle of coconut oil has replaced so many other products for me and helped me save money as well as save on spending on unsustainable products. If you are looking to buy organic, pure coconut oil – try out our coconut oil made from pure coconuts sourced from farms in Karnataka.

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What are your sustainability hacks? Share with us in the comments.

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    Great hacks! I eat a spoon of coconut oil every morning on an empty stomach followed by warm water and since I feel my skin feels less dry and it also helps with smooth bowel movements.

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