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4 Offbeat Ways to Be More Sustainable

While most of us do know of the conventional ways to be sustainable (irrespective of whether we do them) – the 5 Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle) cover them in short. But during my journey I have come across some offbeat ways to be more sustainable and here are some –

Invest in Green Companies

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For everyone that is actively investing in the stock market, look for stocks of green companies like clean energy producing companies or companies producing solar panel parts or companies manufacturing bioplastics and others. A lot of mutual funds are also coming up that solely invest in green “sustainable” companies and projects. It is an easy way to contribute towards the goal of sustainability. Most of these companies’ stocks are also growing so they could provide great returns too. (Do your research before investing.)

Clear your emails

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The thousands of unread emails and spam emails just lying in our mailbox end up wasting so much energy. Emails are made available to us via servers that are running 24 hours a day on fossil fuel generated power. Each email is consuming energy while it is a part of your inbox especially heavier ones with attachments. Go through your inbox and delete all your unwanted emails and make it a practice to clear your inbox every fortnight.

Bookmark sustainable brands and share with your friends

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A lot of times we find it difficult to find sustainable brands when we are shopping for something particular. If you come across a sustainable shop online, bookmark is for later so you can find it easily when you are shopping next time. If you have friends that are also trying to be more sustainable, share the brands you find with them as well to help them on their journey.

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Download a carbon footprint tracker app

There are a lot of carbon footprint tracking apps available on the playstore – some more accurate than others. Use an app to keep track of your daily carbon footprint to know the kind of impact your actions have on the planet. This will help you understand where you can do better in reducing your carbon footprint. You can also have carbon footprint challenges with your friends.

The UN carbon offset platform – helps you calculate and offset your carbon footpint.

Carbon Footprint & CO2 Tracker for Travel and Food App is another app that we came across that helps you calculate your carbon footprint from daily activities.

Hope you find these tips helpful! Do let us know some of your tips and tricks to be more sustainable in the comments!

Together for a better tomorrow!

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    I never would have thought about clearing our old emails because of how they are managed! Thanks for the tips!

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