How We Got Started

2020 was an eye opener of an year for many of us. For most of us it taught us to slow down and appreciate our lives and the world we live in. We at brand Moksha decided to start our journey towards a more sustainable life. In our attempts to be more sustainable we came to understand that not a lot of people were aware about sustainability and sustainable products. Our brand’s goal is to make affordable sustainable products that are easily available to all to enable people to slowly move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We as a brand are focused on providing you plastic free, biodegradable, quality products. We have worked to ensure that we are as plastic free as possible. Even our courier packets are made from natural materials making them compostable.

What is sustainability? The dictionary meaning of sustainability is “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level”. Sustainability means meeting our generation’s needs without compromising the needs for the future generations. For decades, humans have lived without caring about our planet which has slowly taken a toll on our environment. Scientists predict that if we don’t take immediate action, climate change will become irreversible in as soon as 7 years. Hence, the need to move slowly but surely towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Is it possible to be 100% sustainable? Not as of now. But it is possible to take slow steps towards moving away from single use plastics and traditional plastics to adopt more environment friendly and sustainable products.

We hope you will join us in our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

The brand has been founded as a passion project by an ex-banker, the typical MBA – engineer types, that hopes to make a difference.

Oriental Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Plot no. 43, Brij Mohan Marg,
New Delhi, Delhi 110002

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