5 Easy Sustainable Switches You Need To Try Now

I’ve been trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle from the past 1 year. In my efforts, I have tried to slowly move to sustainable alternates of many daily use products. Some sustainable products worked for me, while some didn’t and here are the ones that did work for me –

  • Sustainable Soap – probably the easiest switch ever to go back to soaps from body washes. They aren’t very heavy on the pocket and are easily available across the globe. I have tried a bunch of natural, organic soaps that come in paper packaging that have worked for me. If you are looking for a good soap, I recommend our Neem Exfoliating Soap that works wonders to clean and exfoliate the body skin. Neem is anti-microbial making this soap perfect for people suffering from body odour.
Exfoliating Neem Soap buy, sustainable products.
  • Paper tape – Move away from regular plastic tape and buy water, activated paper tape instead which is biodegradable. Again, a product which isn’t very heavy on the pocket. It is easily available on Amazon and other green stores. I got mine from Bare Necessities.
  • Sustainable make-up remover – While most brands have fancy make up removers that work well, the simplest way to remove your make-up is to use a mixture of rose water and coconut oil in 2:1 ratio. This mixture acts as an oil cleanse and is potent enough to remove most make up (I haven’t tried it on water proof make-up). Follow it up with a foaming face wash for a perfect double cleanse Our pure cold pressed coconut oil is a perfect sustainable product that is made using only pure coconuts sourced from farms in South India. (if you have sensitive skin – please patch test before you try this combination)
Buy coconut oil cold pressed, india, sustainable products
  • Reusable metal bottle – This is such an easy switch to move away from plastic bottles especially the one time use ones. There are a lot of brands that have sustainable metal bottles that are affordable and long lasting. I got mine from Milton.
  • Wooden Hair Comb – Again a switch that is a no brainer, plenty of different designs of wooden combs are available online that aren’t very heavy on the pocket. Check out our neem wood hair combs that come in two designs for thicker and thinner hair. Neem wood combs are anti-static and reduce hair fall due to breakage.
Buy wooden comb india. affordable. sustainable products.

What are some easy sustainable switches that you have made and liked?

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    I’m already using soaps and reusable bottles. I didn’t know about paper tapes! Wooden combs and the diy makeup remover sounds great too. Thanks for sharing

      Thank you so much for reading! <3

    This article was so helpful. Especially the paper tape thing. Paper tapes are so convenient. You don’t even need scissors to cut them, you can just tear it with your own hands plus they are much more graceful. I have tried the make-up free remover as a normal fance cleanser since I don’t use makeup much but it works so well!!

    I read this post out in my Sustainable Development class at school! And the teachers and students loved it! I really hope they visit your website, it’s so amazing!

    I have tried a few natural soaps and one of them was even wrapped in a bark of tree. It looked so pretty!

      Oh wow. Thank you so much for sharing this with your class. Means a lot! <3

      It is really heartening to know that the future generation is on the right track! 🙂

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