How To Plan A Sustainable Wedding

If you are reading this post, chances are that you are already on a journey to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. In no way should you think that getting married & hosting a wedding ceremony will prove a hindrance to your lifestyle.

Planning a sustainable wedding may seem like an impossible task but, to be fair, any wedding requires some sort of effort & we would like you to believe that planning a sustainable wedding should not be any extra difficult. Here are some key things to remember to make sure that your plan for a sustainable wedding is breezy – one that lives up to your principles but without any compromises:

Keep your expectations simple

Remember a thumb rule for everything – go only as far as possible. Don’t overstress yourself with having an environment friendly and sustainable wedding. Be clear to have simple expectations. Do small things to achieve those. For e.g., wedding favours seem to be an area with a lot of sustainable options, and you can reduce your carbon footprint easily by going for a sustainable wedding favour like plants, macrame decor, our brand’s personal care products (that can be customized into hampers), etc!

Look for timeless outfits
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It’s okay to want a rather larger than life outfit for your wedding, just like its totally cool to go for a sober outfit. It’s your special day and you should dress exactly as you wish. However, if you are buying anything new, do remember to buy something that you can not only re-wear but parts of which can be reused and matched with other things in your wardrobe. Moreover, while it will be super fulfilling to re-wear your wedding outfit to feel that you are making good use of it, there’s only so many times that you can wear one outfit. This is where having a timeless outfit helps. It sort of never grows old and its charm will only increase over generations. What is a timeless outfit – something with clean cuts, clean designs, that doesn’t have a lot of fast trends which may go out of fashion anytime soon.

Employ daily life sustainability principles to your wedding

Since you are looking to plan a sustainable wedding, surely you are also trying to do small things in your daily life to be more sustainable. Just employ the same principles of reducing your carbon footprint in your wedding. For e.g., paper instead of plastic packaging, less wasteful or more reusable décor, tie up with organizations that will distribute food to the needy so that food is not wasted and reaches the right people and so on.

Ask for help
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Sustainability is a way of life. There must be wedding planners who will be more than happy to have you plan a sustainable wedding and it’s okay to not know everything. Start with basics that will reduce wastage as listed above and feel free to seek help for anything else.

Hope this article helps you plan the sustainable wedding of your dreams! Don’t forget to reach out to us for any questions or queries.

This guest post has been authored by Srishty.

Srishty blogs at Life of Srish about everything that catches her fancy – books, food, random musings – anything under the sun basically. She loves enjoying small things in life, getting under a blanket and watching or reading your favorite stuff while occasionally checking out the plants on your window sill. It’s the little things in life that make for her happier moments. Follow her on Instagram here.

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    Thanks for the insightful post! It’s imperative that people keep these in mind when planning an eco-friendly wedding. 🙂

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