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Organic Soap + Soap Saver (Body Scrub) – Couple Combo

This soap saver and soap combo is the perfect cleansing combo. The soap saver makes the bar soap last longer as well as acts as an exfoliator by gently scrubbing away dirt & dead skin cells to leave you with squeaky clean skin.

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Looking for a way to make your soaps last longer? Choose these perfect soap savers that double as body scrubs. Choose one of our three soaps to go perfectly with the soap saver.

Soap variants –
  1. Neem exfoliating soap + Manjishta brightening soap
  2. Manjishta brightening soap + Activated Charcoal deep cleaning soap
  3. Activated Charcoal deep cleaning soap + Neem exfoliating soap
What this pack contains –

2 soaps + 2 soap savers

Why do I need a soap saver?
  • It extends the life of the soap bar.
  • It doubles as an exfoliating surface to smooth your skin.
  • It is a clean way to store soap.
  • Perfect replacement for plastic loofahs
  • No more melted soap goop in the soap dish
How to use this soap saver –

Simply put your soap bar inside the soap saver. Wet the soap saver and rub it to build a lather. Now use it to gently scrub yourself during your daily bath. It is designed to gently exfoliate your skin.

How does it act as a soap saver –

As your soap bar starts to get over, instead of struggling with the suds – this soap saver will help you use them and lead to zero waste. Pop soap remnants into the bag with the next bar. They will bond together to become one. Now you can wash with the end of the soap comfortably as well as avoid annoying encounters with the final soap chips.

What is this soap saver made of –

The body of this soap saver is made from a sustainable vegetable fibre called ‘Ramie’. Ramie is naturally resistant to bacteria and is extremely durable. Ramie requires less water to grow than cotton.

The string of the soap saver is made of cotton.

Recommendations –
  • We recommend hanging the soap saver in a non-humid location to allow it and the soap to completely dry
  • Replace the soap saver every 6 months
How to reuse your soap saver after its lifetime –
  • Reuse it to scrub your tiles, washroom basin
  • Clean your shoes using the soap saver
  • Use it to clean tough stains/dirt off your car
  • Use it to clean dust off of your laptop


When you buy from us – you are enabling a small, local, woman led business that is supporting local artisans and manufacturers. We hope you’ll join us on our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

After confirmation of order from our customer support team, products are couriered within three business working days. Please see our Shipping, Cancellations & Returns Policy for more information.

Please note that we recycle/ reuse the packaging that we receive and use them forward in our packaging.

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Soap Type

Neem Soap + Manjishta Soap + 2 Soap Savers, Manjishta Soap + Activated Charcoal Soap + 2 Soap Savers, Activated Charcoal Soap +Neem Soap + 2 Soap Savers


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