Seed Rakhi Box (With Planter & Fertilizer)


Looking to ‘plant’ an everlasting memory with your brother this Rakshabandhan? Choose this seed rakhi and make a memory that will last forever while also, helping the environment.

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Millions of plastic rakhis wound up in landfills in the days after Rakshabandhan.ย  Choose to celebrate this special day differently this year. Choose this Seed Rakhi and have a meaningful yet fun rakhi with your brother.

Plant this seed rakhi together after celebrating Rakshabandhan using the planter and fertilizer provided. Water, sunlight and a lot of sibling love will germinate this rakhi in 4-6 weeks.

Why Seed Rakhi –

  • This is an exciting project to do with kids – to teach them the process of germination. It is also a great opportunity to teach them about sustainability.
  • The rakhi is environment friendly and compostable.
  • Planting the rakhi together is a fun memory to make with your siblings.
  • You end up with a beautiful tulsi plant.
  • These rakhis are hand made with love.

Benefits of Tulsi –

Tulsi seed rakhi

  • Tulsi is considered holy in households in India
  • Tulsi plant has medicinal properties and helps boost immunity
  • It also has analgesic properties that can control inflammation and pain
  • We all love us some good Tulsi masala chai




This Box Contains –

  • Handmade seed rakhi – Tulsi
  • Planter made of Coconut Fibre
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Glass bottle filled with rice
  • Glass bottle filled with crushed rose powder (tika)

This Seed Rakhi is Made Of

Seed paper and jute (We recommend separating the jute string from the center piece and reusing the jute string even though it is 100% compostable.)

How to Plant your Rakhi –

Find details of how to plant your seed rakhi HERE.


Notes –
  • Please recycle the box the contents come in.
  • Our courier packets are 100% compostable and made of cornstarch – you can safely dispose them with your compostable garbage.


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