Easy, pain less shave with our stylish, classy razors that are plastic free.

Moksha Bamboo Razor

For Women & Men | Plastic Free | Metal Head | Environment Friendly | With 10 Blades and a Jute Bag

Body: The body of the razor is made from bamboo, Head: Stainless steel head; Packaging: The razor comes in its own jute pouch

MRP (Incl. of taxes) – Rs.375

How to insert the blade?
  • Unscrew the bamboo bottom to separate it from the metal head
  • Separate the blade holder (the bottom part of the head) and the skin protecting top (the top part of the head)
  • Carefully place the provided blade on the blade holder (hold the blade from the narrow ends)
  • Cover the blade from the skin protecting shield and screw the bamboo stick back onto the metal head

Recommendations –

  • Replace the blade whenever you feel it has lost it’s sharpness
  • Clean and dry the razor after each shave before carefully placing it back in the provided jute bag

Please note that since these are handmade with bamboo wood – the handles come in various colours to ensure every part of the bamboo is properly used so that there is no wastage.

When you buy from us – you are enabling a small, local, woman led business that is supporting products that are completely made in India. We hope you’ll join our journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

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